Some concept sketches for Fate/Otome; boy do I love the ladies, yes I do!

if it wasn’t obvious enough, sakura will be making an appearance in the game ;)

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    reblogging again because i just stared at the dropbox folder and thought to myself ‘i want that sakura route...
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  4. yanderesquared said: They are so- WE MUST HAVE TEH SAKURAZ. I really want to write that Sakura route now but I might accidentally make it creepy >.< Also she now has zettai ryouiki she won’t lose to Rin anymore (‘u’)b
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    Reblog, because fuck, this is superb.
  10. fujiiren said: Mother of god. Mother of Moe. Mother of everything in existence. AS ALWAYS, you never fail to impress me with your awesome arts and sketches, moestral.
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